World Mission Society Church of God Receives City Proclamation for Local Food Drive

February 22, 2017
sharing Love with Neighbors, Food Drive

World Mission Society Church of God hosts food drive to help military families

The World Mission Society Church of God is dedicated to help their local community!  On Sunday, January 15th, 2017, with support from the U.S. military, the church hosted a fun and successful food drive.  It was held at Mariners Park, located across from the 32nd St. Naval Station San Diego.

Most food drives are held at the end of the year, during the holiday season.  However, a representative from the Church of God stated,  “We know that people need help all year long, not just at certain times of the year.”  This food drive is part of a much larger worldwide movement called the “Good Samaritan Movement”.  As good Samaritans, many of the World Mission Society Churches of God participate in events like this regularly.  The reason for their continued efforts?  To show Heavenly Mother’s love to the whole world.  This particular event was in commemoration of the Church of God receiving the UK Queens Award.  The Queens Award is the most prestigious award given in the United Kingdom.  The World Mission Society Church of God is the only religious organization to have ever been able to receive this honor!

The World Mission Society Church of God collects almost 3,000 pounds of food in only 5 hours

Typically food drives are held by placing barrels at designated locations over a period of a month or longer.  Instead, the World Mission Society Church of God collected 2,840 pounds of food in less than one day!  The food collected was donated to the San Diego Food Bank and distributed back to the community. Among the many that are helped monthly by these donations are more than 18,000 low income military families.

The World Mission Society Church of God was highly praised by the Vice President of Operations, Vanessa Moore.  In her interview she boasted about the church’s organization and friendliness.  She was overwhelmed that the volunteers from the Church of God even took the initiative to go the extra mile.  They thoughtfully separated the donations, which consisted of 80 boxes of canned and non perishable foods.  The San Diego Food Bank was then able to have less work so they could quickly give to those in need.  Vanessa thanked the members from the Church of God saying “Anytime you want a partner, I would be happy to come out to your events.  This is huge, it is the biggest food drive I have ever seen!”  That is definitely a compliment since she has been with the San Diego Food Bank for more than 14 years!!

The members of the Church of God were enthusiastically involved and not just by donating food

Many members of the church came out to volunteer in many different ways.  In addition to bringing food donations, the church prepared lunch for those who came to donate and support the cause.  There were choir and orchestra performances that touched the hearts of all the guests.  Also the church prepared fun and lively dances that honored a variety of cultures.  The children were even able to get their faces painted while they enjoyed all of the activities.

The World Mission Society Church of God received their fourth City Proclamation for their passionate work to help their community

Due to this event Kevin Faulconer, the Mayor of San Diego, presented the World Mission Society Church of God with a city proclamation.  The proclamation was in recognition for the great efforts the church members made through this food drive.  This is the second proclamation the Church of God has received from the Mayor of San Diego.  These are in addition to two other proclamations the Church of God has received recently.  The Mayor of the City of Santee also honored the church for large community services events they conducted.  The World Mission Society Church of God hopes that through their efforts, people around them can also be inspired by Mother’s love and work together to make our world a better place for everyone.