WMSCOG in San Diego Hosts 519th Worldwide Blood Drive

January 13, 2017

WMSCOG in San Diego Shares Blood to Save Lives

On February 21st, 2016 the WMSCOG in San Diego partnered with Lifestream to hold the 519th worldwide blood drive. With 200+ donors registered for the event, the WMSCOG in San Diego donated 172 units of blood through this event. Since 1 pint of blood can save up to 3 lives, the donors were able to save more than 500 lives!

Lifestream is based in San Bernardino, Ca, which is a 2 hour drive from the Church of God in San Diego.  Despite the distance, more than 35 members of their staff were willing to travel for such an important cause.  At the end of the day, the nurses from Lifestream were so excited to be part of the event.  One of them said “I loved it, it was the best experience ever!”  Another said, “It was the best blood drive I’ve worked on!”  Despite their very long day, and having to travel 2 hours each way, another nurse said, “You guys are awesome, it was worth the drive, please have us back all the time!”

WMSCOG receives Lifestream Award for Blood donation

WMSCOG Given Honor of “Blood Drive of the Year” Award by Lifestream

The World Mission Society Church of God was chosen to receive the “Blood Drive of the Year” award. The Church of God was selected out of more than 1,900 blood drives ran by Lifestream in 2016. Some members of the WMSCOG attended an awards ceremony and lunch on Nov 18th, 2016 to receive the honor. Lifestream showed their appreciation by recognizing the organization, care, and great effort put into the blood drive by the church members.

Holding Blood Drives by Sharing the Love of Christ

The blood drive was held in February to prepare for the upcoming Passover. Jesus Christ promised spiritual life through the bread and wine of the Passover, which represents His flesh and Blood. In the same way, the members of the WMSCOG want to share their own blood to help give people in the world physical life. The church actively reached out to the local community inviting their neighbors to come join the event and the cause. Guests who came to the event were so surprised at how much work was put into the Blood drive. The members of the WMSCOG prepared choir and dance performances, as well as, games and face painting for the kids. They even treated the donors and staff of Lifestream to an amazing lunch prepared by the church members.