Blood Drive in Commemoration of Upcoming Passover

May 11, 2014
The 270th Worldwide Blood Drive to Give Life Through the Love of The Passover

The World Mission Society Church of God accomplished a record of 261 units of Blood in only 5 hours!

The WMSCOG holds a blood drive in commemoration of the upcoming Passover, and they did not disappoint!  The Churches of God in San Diego partnered once again with Lifestream to hold the 665th Worldwide Blood Drive.  This was part of a worldwide blood drive relay held throughout 175 different countries.  The church members came together cheering each other and their community on, joining a much needed cause. Unfortunately, there are constant blood shortages across the nation, understanding this they wanted to help.  One pint of blood can save 3 lives, so the caring Church of God volunteers were greatly motivated to help out.  Motivated to beat last year’s record of 172 units of blood collected, they made a new goal of 250 units.  Amazingly by the end of the drive a total of 261 units were collected!   More than 300 registered donors came to support the blood drive, and many more to enjoy the entertainment provided.

WMSCOG holds blood drive in commemoration of upcoming Passover

Why does the World Mission Society Church hold these blood drives?  It is with good reason!  To emphasize the teaching of Jesus, the way to eternal life is by eating and drinking His flesh and blood.  He taught this can be done through the bread and wine of The Passover, commonly known as the Last Supper.  In order to raise awareness about the Passover, the Church of God hosts the Worldwide blood drive every year.  Giving their own blood to save physical lives, they hope that people can understand the importance of receiving spiritual life through the Passover.  “We really want to follow the example of Christ, helping our neighbors and sharing the love of God through our actions”.  Even more important than our physical life, and the true love of God is receiving eternal life. Please come and study about God the Father and God the Mother who give us life through the Passover.

The Members of the Church of God are a perfect resemblance of the Lifestream slogan “Blead by Example”

“What you’ve done giving of your own self to help other people is a real credit to your church.”  “We’ve noticed a huge difference between some other places we go and here”, stated the Lifestream nurses.  Church members were moved to learn that many of the Lifestream staff were supposed to have the day off.  Upon hearing that this drive would be held at the World Mission Society Church of God they eagerly volunteered. Despite the two hour drive to San Diego and a very long day for them, they were so excited!  They couldn’t stop thanking everyone for being so friendly and helpful, expressing how grateful they were for our efforts!  It was truly a successful event for the staff, church and the community.  Following the example of Christ, the WMSCOG sets an outstanding example in their communities!

Donors truly felt the love of God the Mother through various entertainment and food

Putting their hearts and souls into serving their neighbors in every way, the Church of God prepared all kinds of entertainment.  Some of these were cultural performances such as Mariachi and Japanese drums, as well as a special orchestra and choir for the event.  Their energy was so amazing, even the children were dancing to the music!  While the guests were enjoying the entertainment, other church members were practicing the teachings of Christ serving them with delicious appetizers that all of the church members prepared themselves.  Everyone who attended was so surprised at all of the time and effort that went into each and every aspect of the blood drive, many people commented that they had never seen a blood drive like this.

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