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The World Mission Society Church of God accomplished a record of 261 units of Blood in only 5 hours!

The WMSCOG holds a blood drive in commemoration of the upcoming Passover, and they did not disappoint!  The Churches of God in San Diego partnered once again with Lifestream to hold the 665th Worldwide Blood Drive.  This was part of a worldwide blood drive relay held throughout 175 different countries.  The church members came together cheering each other and their community on, joining a much needed cause. Unfortunately, there are constant blood shortages across the nation, understanding this they wanted to help.  One pint of blood can save 3 lives, so the caring Church of God volunteers were greatly motivated to help out.  Motivated to beat last year’s record of 172 units of blood collected, they made a new goal of 250 units.  Amazingly by the end of the drive a total of 261 units were collected!   More than 300 registered donors came to support the blood drive, and many more to enjoy the entertainment provided.

WMSCOG holds blood drive in commemoration of upcoming Passover

Why does the World Mission Society Church hold these blood drives?  It is with good reason!  To emphasize the teaching of Jesus, the way to eternal life is by eating and drinking His flesh and blood.  He taught this can be done through the bread and wine of The Passover, commonly known as the Last Supper.  In order to raise awareness about the Passover, the Church of God hosts the Worldwide blood drive every year.  Giving their own blood to save physical lives, they hope that people can understand the importance of receiving spiritual life through the Passover.  “We really want to follow the example of Christ, helping our neighbors and sharing the love of God through our actions”.  Even more important than our physical life, and the true love of God is receiving eternal life. Please come and study about God the Father and God the Mother who give us life through the Passover.

The Members of the Church of God are a perfect resemblance of the Lifestream slogan “Blead by Example”

“What you’ve done giving of your own self to help other people is a real credit to your church.”  “We’ve noticed a huge difference between some other places we go and here”, stated the Lifestream nurses.  Church members were moved to learn that many of the Lifestream staff were supposed to have the day off.  Upon hearing that this drive would be held at the World Mission Society Church of God they eagerly volunteered. Despite the two hour drive to San Diego and a very long day for them, they were so excited!  They couldn’t stop thanking everyone for being so friendly and helpful, expressing how grateful they were for our efforts!  It was truly a successful event for the staff, church and the community.  Following the example of Christ, the WMSCOG sets an outstanding example in their communities!

Donors truly felt the love of God the Mother through various entertainment and food

Putting their hearts and souls into serving their neighbors in every way, the Church of God prepared all kinds of entertainment.  Some of these were cultural performances such as Mariachi and Japanese drums, as well as a special orchestra and choir for the event.  Their energy was so amazing, even the children were dancing to the music!  While the guests were enjoying the entertainment, other church members were practicing the teachings of Christ serving them with delicious appetizers that all of the church members prepared themselves.  Everyone who attended was so surprised at all of the time and effort that went into each and every aspect of the blood drive, many people commented that they had never seen a blood drive like this.

Category Activities>Activities>Cleanup Campaign WMSCOG in San Diego Receives Presidential Award for Balboa Park Restoration Efforts

World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) in San Diego helped beautify Balboa Park for it’s 100th Anniversary

2015 was the Centennial Year for San Diego’s historic Balboa Park, a popular attraction for many locals and visitors to America’s Finest City. World Mission Society Church of God members worked together to clean up and restore various parts of the park so everyone can enjoy it. Over the course of the year, the WMSCOG in San Diego held six different community service events within Balboa Park. They put in more than 5,000 hours of volunteer service work to make the park more beautiful. Volunteers cleared out truckloads of palm fronds from the bottom of Palm Canyon near the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. One park ranger said, “the Church of God is an excellent example of how great a job a group of concerned people can do for our society, and we are very grateful and thankful!” The members of the WMSCOG continually participate in projects like these worldwide.  What gives them such passion to help so many people and communities?  The answer is simple, it is to share the Love of God the Mother with the whole world!

World Mission Society Church of God members helped to restore the 100-year-old fountain in Gold Hill Park

Golden Hill Park, located on 26th St near Pershing Drive is one of the oldest parks in San Diego. It is a part of Balboa Park. Established in 1907, the Golden Hill Fountain was very popular and drew attraction to the park. Unfortunately, over the next 100 years, it became very deteriorated due to weather conditions and vandalism. The WMSCOG worked together with the City of San Diego to help restore the fountain and its surrounding area. On October 18, 2015, more than 400 WMSCOG volunteers worked throughout the entire Golden Hill Park. Residents driving by honked their horns in appreciation of the great work the members were performing which encouraged them.

WMSCOG members recognized with the Presidential Volunteer Service Award and Directors Award for Exemplary Service

The City of San Diego was extremely appreciative of the efforts WMSCOG put into all the areas of Balboa Park. On April 9, 2016, the City of San Diego held The Annual Volunteer Recognition Event. At the event, the city presented WMSCOG volunteers with the City of San Diego Director’s Award. This award had never been given to a volunteer group before. The City of San Diego decided to change this tradition to recognize the amazing work and exceptional volunteer service efforts of World Mission Society Church of God members. In addition to the Director’s Award, the City of San Diego also nominated the World Mission Society Church of God to receive the United States Presidential Volunteer Service Award. The nomination for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award was to acknowledge their hard work not only locally but Nationally.


Category Activities>Activities>Blood Drive WMSCOG in San Diego Hosts 519th Worldwide Blood Drive

WMSCOG in San Diego Shares Blood to Save Lives

On February 21st, 2016 the WMSCOG in San Diego partnered with Lifestream to hold the 519th worldwide blood drive.  With 200+ donors registered for the event, the WMSCOG in San Diego donated 172 units of blood through this event.  Since 1 pint of blood can save up to 3 lives, the donors were able to save more than 500 lives!

Lifestream is based in San Bernardino, Ca, which is a 2 hour drive from the Church of God in San Diego.  Despite the distance, more than 35 members of their staff were willing to travel for such an important cause.  At the end of the day, the nurses from Lifestream were so excited to be part of the event.  One of them said “I loved it, it was the best experience ever!”  Another said, “It was the best blood drive I’ve worked on!”  Despite their very long day, and having to travel 2 hours each way, another nurse said, “You guys are awesome, it was worth the drive, please have us back all the time!”

WMSCOG receives Lifestream Award for Blood donation

WMSCOG Given Honor of “Blood Drive of the Year” Award by Lifestream

The World Mission Society Church of God was chosen to receive the “Blood Drive of the Year” award. The Church of God was selected out of more than 1,900 blood drives ran by Lifestream  in 2016.  Some members of the WMSCOG attended an awards ceremony and lunch on Nov 18th, 2016 to receive the honor.   Lifestream showed their appreciation by recognizing the organization, care, and great effort put into the blood drive by the church members.

Holding Blood Drives by Sharing the Love of Christ

The blood drive was held in February to prepare for the upcoming Passover.  Jesus Christ promised spiritual life through the bread and wine of the Passover, which represents His flesh and Blood.  In the same way, the members of the WMSCOG want to share their own blood to help give people in the world physical life.  The church actively reached out to the local community inviting their neighbors to come join the event and the cause.  Guests who came to the event were so surprised at how much work was put into the Blood drive.  The members of the WMSCOG prepared choir and dance performances, as well as, games and face painting for the kids.  They even treated the donors and staff of Lifestream to an amazing lunch prepared by the church members.