Why Does God Come in a Cloud?


Why does the bible testify God will come in a cloud? What does this mean? Should we look toward the sky to await the second coming of Jesus? The only way to find the answers to these questions is through the bible.

The Son of Man Will Come in a Cloud

The redemption of God’s people draws near as the Son of Man appears on a cloud, so it’s important that the people of God can distinguish the cloud of the Savior. We must pull the past into account to understand what the future may hold for us who wait for the coming of the Son of Man. The prophecy of Daniel can help us understand how our Savior will come a second time.

In Daniel 7 the prophecy says the Son of Man is coming with the clouds of heaven. We can come to understand the one who fulfilled this prophecy is Jesus Christ. However, how can we confirm Jesus Christ fulfilled this prophecy? Daniel 7 says He was given authority, glory, and sovereign power (kingdom; KJV), so we must confirm through the bible that Jesus Christ received these three things when He came to the earth.

Authority, Glory, & Kingdom

What is it that Jesus received in the above verse? He received authority. Let’s see if He received glory.

What does it say Jesus received? He received glory. Then lastly, what about a kingdom?

Jesus received authority, glory, and a kingdom when He came to this earth 2,000 years ago. Then what do these 3 things show? These verses testify that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of the Son of Man in Daniel 7. Therefore, Jesus is the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven. Then what does “coming with the clouds of heaven” mean?

The Meaning of Clouds

When Jesus came to the earth did He come down on a literal cloud? No, He came in the flesh having eyes, ears, a nose, and a mouth. Then why does the prophecy say He would come on the clouds?

What is the purpose of the cloud? A cloud blocks the sun and covers the light. Therefore, the flesh is symbolized as a cloud because it covered God’s holy and divine nature when He came to this earth. In the bible, the flesh is described as clouds.

These verses describe that the false prophets are like clouds without rain. Simply put, clouds represent men. Thus the prophecy of Daniel 7 of the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven was fulfilled by Jesus coming to the earth in the flesh as a man. However, though Jesus came in the flesh 2,000 years ago, the people did not receive Him. They waited for Elijah who was to open up the way for the Messiah. But as Elijah was taken away on a chariot of fire, they believed he would return on a chariot of fire. Their own thoughts and misconceptions made them miss the Messiah who appeared right before their very eyes. Then what about us who live in this age?

Christ Who Comes in a Cloud a Second Time

As Jesus fulfilled Daniel 7 by coming in the flesh, He will come a second time in the flesh to fulfill the prophecy of Luke 21. Many Christians believe when Christ comes a second time He will come on a literal cloud in the sky pronouncing judgment, but their belief is incorrect.

The fact that Jesus asks this question shows that He will not find faith on the earth at His second coming. If Christ comes to a faithless world as the judge then who can be saved? No one can be saved. This is why the belief that He will come a second time to proclaim judgment is incorrect. The prophecy of Luke 21 testifies that Christ will come a second time when redemption is near. So Christ must come a second time in the flesh to restore the faith before the day of judgment. Therefore, we must not make the same mistake of looking at the clouds in the sky as the Jews did 2,000 years ago. The Second Coming Christ will appear in the flesh as a man and bring all knowledge and truth of God to light.