San Diego Church of God Brings Smiles to the Elderly at Rio Vista Healthcare Center

March 1, 2017
Rio Vista Nursing Home Visit Volunteer

The members of the Church of God served and showed love to the Senior citizens at Rio Vista Healthcare Center.  On Feb 5, 2017 about 20 members went to the healthcare center to deliver a number of performances.  Among them were choir and orchestral performance, a song of the decades lip-sync, and a unique percussion cup song performance. About 50 residents joyfully joined the day’s activities. The overall message of the visit was ” We love you!”

lively entertainment brings excitement

The Church of God has been invited to participate in many different types of community service in the San Diego area.  However, spending the day with the lovely residents at the Rio Vista Healthcare Center was a special treat for all.  The residents were able to relax and, for the first time in a long time, they had a hearty laugh.  All of this was enjoyed because of the entertainment the Church of God members were able to provide.  They were especially moved when the members wrapped each of them up in homemade scarves made just for them.  While singing, clapping and delighting in the mini concert, each of the residents were full of smiles and genuine happiness.

Mother’s love spread to all

After the performances ended the members had personal time with the residents to share the love of God the Mother.  Some played games, like checkers and jacks, while others painted the nails of the elderly female residents.  One thing that was apparent was that simply taking the time to talk to the residents was much appreciated. The residents shared many entertaining stories of their past life adventures.  Many spoke of the time they spent serving our country in the military.  One resident reminisced about her days as a seamstress, making beautiful wedding dresses and other lovely garments.  The stories they shared were beautiful and inspiring in many ways.

The World Mission Society Church of God members felt honored to have had the opportunity to reach out to the community in this way.  They were grateful to give back to those who have spent a lifetime contributing to this great community.  The Church of God takes their call to serve the community very seriously and personally.  One of the participating members, Precious Lindsey, said, “It was was so nice to be around the elderly residents at this event.  Through this I felt the comfort and love of my own grandmother who I’m unable to see often as she lives across the country.”

“It was so good to see the residents smile, they hardly smile as much as they did today”

A caregiver at the Rio Vista Healthcare Center said, “Not a lot of volunteers come in here and show so much love for what they do.  It was so good to see the residents smile, they hardly smile as much as they did today.”

It was important for the members to let the elderly residents know that they have not been forgotten about by society, although sometimes it may feel that way. The Church of God members were determined to let the residents know and feel the love of God the Mother.  Every member of the Church of God agreed that seeing the joy they brought to the residents at the Rio Vista Healthcare Center made every moment worth while.  After the event the administer of the Healthcare Center set up a meeting with the Church of God in San Diego to present them with a letter of appreciation for their heartfelt visit to the facility. They look forward to unite with the church again the future.